It's great to be a Lion. We serve.

North Royalton Lions Club

Community Proje​cts


Clean up of Rte 82 from April through September. This is a continuing project and has been going on since 1990. We meet at Koch Properties on Rte. 82 every first Tuesday of each month. Join us!!


Started in 2006 as a community service, these are given away at the North Royalton Library and the Brecksville Library for anyone taking out a book. 


A project to erect the military flags and poles at the North Royalton Cemetery to honor ALL our fallen heroes from North Royalton. This project began in the fall of 2007 and the first phase was finished on Memorial Day 2008. There will be fundraising efforts put forth the help offset the cost of this project. Brick pavers [engraved] were purchased for $50 or $100.  Thank all who purchased a paver.  If you would like to donate monies please send to our mailing address and make checks out to North Royalton Lions [Flag Project].

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Club History

The North Royalton Lions Club was chartered in 1973. The North Royalton Club was sponsored by the Brunswick Lions Club, and there were originally 21 members in the North Royalton Club. Today the  North Royalton club has 30 members, with many of the charter members being Jaycees. Members range from ages 35-85+ and are all different, some being doctors, lawyers, bricklayers, salesmen, CPA's, and financial planners, IT experts and more.     

Tom McCune, Bob Serpentini, Dan Lester and Neil Sheeley have served as  District Governors. Both Tom and Bob are charter members and are very active in the club. Other members have shown interest in holding state office positions such as Zone Chairman, Ohio Lions Foundation, District Treasurer, Convention Chairman, District Chaplain and State Band Committee.    

​The club has participated through the years in various service projects in North Royalton including:  Safety Town, Adopt-a-Highway, building the gazebo on the square, building the picnic shelter at Memorial Park, building the flag memorial at the North Royalton cemetery, collecting eyeglasses for redistribution and assisting with the holiday lighting in both North Royalton and Strongsville.      

​We also provide scholarships to students at North Royalton High School, sponsor the North Royalton High School Lions Golf Tournament and assist local families in need.      

​During our history we have also sponsored two other Lions Clubs.  The Royalton Hills Lions Club and Broadview Heights Lions Club.      

​The club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at Vallieaire Golf Club in Hinckley.  The second Tuesday of the month is a dinner meeting, consisting of dinner and program.  The program can be entertaining or educational.  The other meeting is the board and business meeting.  Meetings start at 6:00 P.M.

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The North Royalton Lions Club is a non-profit organization which has been active for over 40 years.  All the money raised from different fundraisers is donated to various charities and needy families.  Below is a list of where the donations go: 

Lions Eye Clinic at St. Vincent's Charity Hospital
​ ~ Provides eye care to those in need, including eyeglasses as well as surgery.
~ $100,000    
Ohio Lions Foundation
~ Provides disaster relief for communities and individuals in Ohio.
~ $20,000
​Lions Hearing Aid Bank
~ Provides hearing aids for those in need.
~ $10,000
Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation
~ Based out of OSU, this program provides research grants for colleges and universities for eye research.
~ $17,500
​G.A.L.E.P./ Greater Akron Eye Care Program
~ $17,400
Sight and Hearing
​ ~ $10,500
​International Relations
~ Assists with providing eyeglasses, treatment, and other medical necessities, as well as assisting in cleaning water supplies and sanitation and ecological concerns in third world countries.
~ $12,600
North Royalton High School Scholarships
~ $36,000
​Pilot Dogs
~ Trained for hearing and sight impaired individuals
~ $13,400
Adopt-A-Highway (Rte 82) & Construction Projects
​ ~ $16,200
N.R.H.S. Golf Tournament
~ $8,000
​Community Service & Safety Projects
~ $44,900
​Safety Town
~ $5,500
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Completed in 1985 the Gazebo is still the focal point of the Square. This club is also partly responsible for the lighting of the Green and Gazebo during the holidays.

recent programs

The flag memorial, the gazebo on the city green, the pavilion at Memorial Park and the skate park at Memorial Park are just some of the ways we've given back to the community. 

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and provide.


This project is life-long. Old eye glasses are collected at the North Royalton Library and the given to St. Vincent's Lions Eye Clinic for distribution to those in need. Please donate where you see this sign.


Completed phases one and two in 2001, the picnic shelter and deck to the lake have added a wonderful place for outdoor parties and gatherings. This project was completed with the help of the North Royalton City Departments of Building Engineers and City Council. It is used almost every weekend throughout the spring and summer.


These bags were given away to the children of the North Royalton schools as a community safety project. Over 1500 bags were distributed by our club.


From fund raising to community outreach programs the North Royalton Lions Club is dedicated to serving the community.