Memorial Flag Site [October 20, 2007]


Concrete Work at the Memorial Flag Site [May 9, 2008]


The North Royalton Lions Club  Veterans Memorial Project

A memorial flag project at the North Royalton Cemetery on Royalton Road. It has been dedicated to servicemen in all branches of our military.  

​Ground breaking began spring 2008 at the memorial site at the SW corner of the cemetery. We  have seven flags representing all our military divisions. It was dedicated to the City on Memorial Day 2008.

“It’s about time,” said Lion Fred DeAnna, project chairman and veteran, “we need to honor all those who gave their lives so we could have what we have now.” 

​The project consisted of putting up all flags and poles of our military branches to pay tribute to all servicemen. There is a walkway with brick pavers on the wall and landscaping. The City has graciously donated the area needed at the cemetery. 

​The North Royalton Lions Club is a non-profit organization, which has been serving the community since 1973.  All the money raised from different fundraisers is donated to various Lions charities and needy families. For additional information on this project please, contact Lions Fred DeAnna (237-9760), Bob Ahrens (237-4754), Chuck Gibson (237-9311), Paul Moraco (237-1981) or Tony Sandora (237-3768).

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​You can e-mail us at or write to North Royalton Lions at P.O. Box 33123 North Royalton, Oh 44133

The construction begins at the Memorial Flag Site [April 19, 2008]

It's great to be a Lion. We serve.

Measurements Begin on Memorial Flag Project [June 3, 2007]

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